Vargas Coaching

You have a vision to create, a difference to make, a world to change…

You know what you want do to. You know how you want things to go and what you want your life to be. As a coach, I work with people to stop just thinking about their awesome life and ACTUALLY achieve their goals and make it real.

How will I create my vision?

The first step to creating your vision is to remember who you are: the unique, perfect you who is powerful and comes from love. Step two is to get yourself out of the way. These are the doubts, worries, and fears that keep you comfortable, safe, and doing what’s familiar. The familiar is what got you here, but it’ll take something new and different from you to create something new and different.

With all this distinguished, we create the next year of your life. From the version of you that is your highest and best self and with the predictable self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors out on the table for all to see. These are the goals and results that you REALLY want and what it’ll take to get there. We lay out the plans, look at what you already have in place to make it happen, what’s missing, and what structures need to be to put into place.